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I want to show up as raw & real, vulnerable & authentic
as my clients show up for me.

Danielle Nicole

I absolutely hate talking about myself...


     Personally, I'd rather let my work speak for itself and clients to speak about me. But I do want you to get a sense of who I am. On my homepage I wrote a little bit about what I do and why I do it, so reference there if you're interested in reading more. So, here's a few things about me. I am in my early 30's, and I was born and raised in Orange County, CA.  My whole family and most of my friends are still there, but after a long life there, ups and downs, a divorce, and a deep seeded need to breathe, I found myself in Oregon. After 28 years as a Cali girl, I became an Oregon woman. I rented a basement via Instagram, shipped up my couch and bed, and packed my car full. Including my pup, Sugar, and made the journey up!

     Fast forward, it's been 3 years now that I've been here, and I am still as I love with Oregon as I was the first time I came here. I am amazed by my surroundings and the creative spaces here. I am so excited to extend myself to the couples and families here the special touch that I have during their sessions and what I can do with their love, connection, and images. When working with me, I prioritize, the realness in families and I give them the space to have fun as well as to create with me. Photography is completely my passion, and I have been adding to my list of other outlets I can provide. For example, I am adding merchandise to my website, eventually presets, some coffee talk mentor dates, second/associate shooting opportunities and hopefully so much more. I have BIG dreams for myself, and I hope you come along with it.


     A few quick things I love to do: Nothing. I whole heartedly love doing nothing. "Dolce Far Niente." "The art of doing nothing." I am a Netflix, Coffee, Editing, Cozy clothes and snacks type of girl. I do love the occasional cute dress up cocktail night too, I'm not that boring. Other than that, I love road trips, coffee, eating, coffee, travel, coffee, I hate airplanes and flying (even though I fly every 6 weeks back home to California) Coffee, hot yoga when I'm in that phase, Trader Joes, coffee, rain and fog, and vampires, coffee and oh, coffee. And I have a decent number of tattoos and will always get more. My tattoos have followed my journey as an adult, and I love its form of expression. Thats about it. I'm sure there's more, but you get the point.


     "Anyway, this has been enough of me rambling about myself, so just book me or message me and let's chat more and really get to know each other. I look forward to it!

Here's More Of Me

if you made it this far & you really want to see more, follow my personal self-portrait page.

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